Gas protesters uncertain of results

By Marlena Hartz: CNJ staff writer

There is no way to know for sure whether or not Saturday’s grassroots gas boycott was successful, said Katherine Null and Irene Tucker.

The neighbors tried their hardest to freeze the fuel flow at local pumps. Fed up with the record-high gas prices, Tucker and Null said they passed out more than 300 fliers last week urging drivers not to buy gas Saturday.

The national, anti-oil company boycott picked up momentum through a string of e-mails, according to Null and Tucker.

Although their labors weren’t rewarded with solid participant numbers, the neighbors said business at some area gas stations appeared to lull.

“Everyone we talked to (on the street) said they would participate,” said Null. “Everybody seemed very positive — like you go girls.”
Null said about 20 of her friends avoided the pumps Saturday.

“I even had people call me to give me the thumbs up. People I didn’t even know,” said Null on Saturday afternoon.

The price for a gallon, however, did slip down this weekend, with some stations selling fuel for $2.79. A 10-cent drop from some recent prices.

The pair said the decline could be due to the national boycott

“Maybe they heard about the national boycott and got a little scared,” Tucker said.

“It’s ridiculous the prices they (oil companies) are charging. They already make enough by the day,” a flustered Tucker said.

“It’s just a matter of time,” said Tucker. “People will only take it for some length of time.”

Null and Tucker said e-mail spurred boycotts will continue if gas prices remain high.