9/16 Public Record

The following marriages licenses were compiled from court records from Sept. 7-14:
• Marc Anthony Cavalier, 20, of Clovis, to Catherine Rose Sciurba, 20, of Buena Park, Calif.
• Francisco Hernandez, 40, to Eva Fatima Urban, 36, both of Clovis
• Moses Guadalupe Bryan, 56, to Mary Helen Sena, 56, both of Clovis
• Jose Luis Gonzales, 24, to Janice Angelica Lovato, 25, both of Clovis
• Leonard Eric Mendoza, 40, to Cristina Cary Madrigal, 31, both of Spring, Texas
• Abel Barragan, 31, to Sylvia T. Calvillo, 39, both of Lubbock
• Terry Wayne Fore, 44, to Eraina Jean Baker, 38, both of Amarillo
• Erik York Southard, 36, to Michelle Mariah Beltran, both of Clovis
• Jose De Jesus Alonso Munoz, 24, to Sheila Keona Romero, 39, both of Clovis
• Omar Carro Mercado, 28, to Mery A’M Rivera Cladio, 28, both of Clovis
• Kevin Scott Mayo, 22, to Jennifer Lynn Baldwin, 22, both of Clovis

The following divorces were compiled from court records from Aug. 31 -Sept. 8:
• Sheila M. Saiz from Albert M. Saiz
• Becky Sena from William Sena Jr.
• Angela Mendoza from Jose Mendoza
• Juan Marquez from Consuela Marquez
• Francis Duran from Valerie Duran
• Mary Gallegos from Eulogio Gallegos
• Norma Segovia from Eladio Segovia
• Chad Samora from Tommie Samora
• Jeremy Jackson from Holly Jackson