Clovis ‘Wishes’ to air next week

Jacob Mendoza, left, and his dad, Rene, relax as they watch television Thursday at their home. Jacob and Rene were part of a baseball team that had their wish fulfilled on the television show “Three Wishes.” (Staff photo: Eric Kluth)

By Tonya Garner: CNJ staff writer

Jacob Mendoza has been keeping a secret for over a month now and he is “busting at the seams,” according to his mother Paula Mendoza.

Mendoza, 10, played second base on the baseball team, which was chosen to have a wish fulfilled on the reality television program “Three Wishes.” Paula Mendoza said, due to “a million-dollar” confidentiality agreements with NBC, the Little League team and their families have had to keep all details about the upcoming show to themselves. “It has been difficult,” Paula Mendoza said. “We sat the entire team down and told them they had to keep their mouth’s shut.”

She said her husband, Rene, coached the featured little league team. “He (Rene) is a ball of nerves. These are his boys and he is nervous about being on TV.”

She said the entire team and their families plan to watch the program together in the library at Highland Elementary.

“We are really looking forward to it,” Paula Mendoza said. “Everyone is excited and nervous.”

Clovis minister David Dawson, who coached the opposing team, said his players enjoyed the experience for the most part. According to Dawson, he and his team did not have to sign any confidentiality agreements since they were not “wish receivers.”

According to Dawson, his son John John served as pitcher and is “flipping” over his upcoming TV appearance.

“The boys had a good time,” Dawson said. “They brought their game.”

Dawson said he is unsure how Hollywood will portray the baseball game. “Just in case Hollywood changes the script,” Dawson said, “our team won the game.”

The cast and crew of “Three Wishes” were in Clovis in August to film the episode which is set to premiere at 8 p.m. Sept. 30.

Five-time Grammy award winning singer Amy Grant will host the new reality series.

Officials with the hour-long show confirmed Thursday the main wishes granted to area residents which will be featured are a little league team training with the Texas Rangers, a young cancer survivor delivering gifts to patients, and a single mother realizing her dream of owning a hair salon.

NBC spokeswoman Jill Carmen said the show has been receiving positive feedback.

“The producers and NBC love the Clovis episode,” Carmen said. “It’s great.”

Executive producer Andrew Glassman said he thinks the town of Clovis will be extremely pleased by the way they were presented.