Clovis man charged with murder found in custody elsewhere

By Eric Butler: CNJ correspondent

A Clovis man charged with first-degree murder was discovered by local authorities on Wednesday to be in custody in Los Angeles.

William Riley, 33, was slated to go to trial in Curry County in less than a month in connection with the June 2004 slaying of Roshawn Pitts. That trial will likely be delayed, officials said.

According to deputy district attorney Andrea Reeb, Riley was released from custody after a family member posted $10,000 of a $100,000 surety bond issued by District Judge Joe Parker.

Riley’s trial was scheduled to last a week, beginning on Oct. 17.

Pitts suffered three gunshot wounds on June 25, 2004, at 916 Axtell. He died later at Plains Regional Medical Center. Pitts was five days shy of his 21st birthday when he was killed.

It was not immediately clear why Riley had been arrested in California.

“We got an anonymous call from somebody saying that he was in California,” Reeb said. “We made some calls and confirmed that. I’m not sure what the charge is, so we’re going to see what happens.”

Reeb said she felt the scheduled trial in Clovis would have to be delayed because of the development.

District Attorney Matt Chandler said Riley was restricted from leaving the state under the terms of his bond release.

“The reasons we argued against his release is because we had good feelings that he would do exactly what he did; that is, getting arrested in Los Angeles County,” Chandler said. “Now we’re delaying justice for the victims.”