9/30 amos

Editor’s note: Amos is a church mouse, unable to use the keyboard shift keys and unschooled in the art of punctuation.

amos falls in a hole

i don t know how it is
up there in the human
realm boss but here
in the church pew
underworld we little bugs
and gentle mice tend to
focus too much on the
problems and messes that
muck up our lives

but i suspect what god
really wants us to do
is just focus on him
and when we do
it gives us a whole
new perspective on
those bugaboos

not only is our perspective
on life changed boss but
our very lives are changed

instead of looking down we
begin to look up

instead of seeing ourselves
in a hole we begin to see
outside the hole

the reason i m saying all
this boss is because i fell
into a hole the other day and
couldn t get out

i clawed and i clawed
and i jumped and i jumped
and i flopped and i flopped
but to no avail

the hole was too deep so
i started to weep i just
knew i fell into hell

but then boss i heard
the shuffling of feet
praise the lord i shrieked
and bounced up and down
on my little gray feet

someone s coming to my
rescue i shouted – hey you –
hey you – until my toes
turned blue and my tongue
drooped too

a subjective caterpillar came
along and said – i feel for you
down there

an objective hoot owl came
along and said – it s logical
that someone would fall
into that hole

a christian scientist cat came
along and said – you only
think you re in a hole

a fundamentalist horned toad
came along and said – only bad
mice fall into holes

a calvinist bulldog came along
and said – you were predestined
for that hole

an arminian chameleon came
along and said – you weren t
predestined but you fell in
the hole anyway

a charismatic songbird came
along and said – just confess
that you aren t in the hole

the realist raven came along
and said – now that s a hole

the i r s dragonfly came along
to see if any taxes were owed
on the hole

the positive thinker-bug came along
and avoided the topic of the hole

a self-pitying woeworm
came and said – you haven t
seen anything until you ve
seen my hole

an optimist meadowlark came
along and said – that hole s
not so bad

a pessimist porcupine came
along and said – it s going to
get a lot worse in the hole

but jesus came along and pulled
me up out of the hole

in fact boss he wants to do that
for every one of us – if we ll just
keep our focus on him