Air Force Climate Survey begins Oct. 1

Melanie Salazar

The Air Force is continually improving upon itself and it’s up to Airmen and civilian employees to make sure leaders address the right issues.
The Air Force Climate Survey, open to active-duty, civilians, Air Force Reserve Command and Air National Guard, begins Saturday and ends Nov. 23. To take the survey online, visit
The evaluation will address issues that affect day-to-day work environments, measuring how people feel about leadership, supervision, training, recognition and other aspects of the Air Force. It will also survey effective communication, teamwork, judgement and adaptation under pressure.
The survey will ask participants to provide constructive feedback on all aspects of their jobs, according to Tech. Sgt. Juanita Alston, 27th Mission Support Squadron.
The 30-minute survey is anonymous, so that no bias is placed on any responses, Sgt. Alston said.
The anonymity of the survey is designed to ensure the honesty, integrity and objectivity of the responses and results.
While those who take the survey from a non-military computer will have to provide their Social Security number and birth date, this information is only to verify that the individual is eligible to participate, according to Jim Lewis, Chief of the Manpower Organization. The information is then discarded, and is in no way attached to the survey.
“If you’re afraid you’ll be singled out, it won’t happen,” Sgt. Alston said.
Since employees’ identities are completely protected when taking the survey, the manpower office encourages 100 percent participation.
“We encourage people who are deployed to take it too,” Sgt. Alston said. “Their opinion matters too.”
Created to pinpoint organizational weaknesses, the survey collects information from every level, everywhere in the Air Force. “It gives everyone a voice,” Sgt. Alston said. “Everyone in the Air Force has an opportunity to help with the improvement process.”
Data from the survey will be analyzed by Jan. 6, and reported to the Secretary of the Air Force and Chief of Staff of the Air Force by Feb. 6. From there, the information will trickle down the chain of command and make its way to the individual bases. Cannon personnel can expect to see results around March 6, Mr. Lewis said. Because the results are briefed at all levels, it’s important the Airmen and civilian employees take the time to complete the survey.
“It gives you an opportunity to voice your opinion and guarantee that it will get looked at,” Sgt. Alston said.
Those without Internet access can stop by the manpower office, located in room 2025 of Building 600, to take the survey on a disk. For more information about the Air Force Climate Survey, visit the manpower office or call 784-2835 or 784-2588.