This one doesn’t require money or donations

CNJ Editorial

This has been a year of everyone being asked to help on a variety of occasions. Earlier this year it was to turn out and let the Base Closure and Realignment commissioners see the support for Cannon Air Force Base staying open.

Recently the requests were to help our fellow Americans dislodged and homeless from the devastation of hurricanes Katrina and Rita.

And now the yearly United Way campaign has begun and people are being asked to help those in need here at home.
Now there’s another effort that needs your help.

This one doesn’t require money or donations of goods, only a quick call to Santa Fe to ask that some of our state tax dollars be sent home to pay for three important road improvement projects.

The requests came from the Clovis Industrial Development Corp. as part of its proposals for GRIP 2 funds, as the second round of the Governor’s Road Improvement Plan is called.

The governor and his Transportation Department administration have been asked to help pay to:
n Beautify State Highway 60-84 from the state line at Texico to Cannon Air Force Base. It is a 12-mile stretch of eyesore roadway that is sorely in need of an upgrade. Estimated cost: $10 million to $12 million.

n Build an overpass over the Burlington Northern Santa Fe railroad tracks on the eastern edge of Clovis to help finish a truck bypass route at each end of the city. Estimated cost: About $5 million.

n Expand the highway to Fort Sumner, then north to Santa Rosa, from two to four lanes. Estimated cost: To be determined.

Which one you favor most doesn’t matter as much as making your voice heard.

Please call New Mexico Transportation Secretary Rhonda Faught. Her phone number is 505-827-5110.
You may also e-mail her at:

Encourage her to ask for the support of her boss, Gov. Bill Richardson, to fund any or all of these GRIP 2 requests.

Be brief and thank her and her staff for their time.

And tell her one of New Mexico’s most dynamic business development centers needs some of our tax dollars returned. With them we can continue to make our region more attractive to future economic development interests.