10/21 amos

Editor’s note: Amos is a church mouse, unable to use the keyboard shift keys and unschooled in the art of punctuation.

just being there
part one

boss i ran into dewey
duck the other day
you remember dewey
he wanted to be a
business duck start a
cracker factory and make
his first million before
he molted but the lord
called him to be a
missionary evangelist
just in the nick of time –
and saved the world from
a mass production of

anyway boss dewey was
waddling around the streets
aimlessly when he bumped
into me

hey what s the matter
with you dewey
you nearly crumpled my
little whiskers says me

oh sorry amos says he
i m just having a
misery kind of day

why what s happened
says i

do you think the lord
speaks to folks in
dreams says he

of course says me
the bible always talks
about dreams and visions
but you have to be
careful ya gotta be
sure it s from the
lord and not satan
or the pizza from the
night before

i m pretty sure it s
from the lord says he
but it s more like a
nightmare than a
dreamlike prophecy

well tell me about
it says me

not much to tell says
he except in my dream
all i could see was
the heathen alley
cats falling into hell

great says me

no it ain t says he

what do you mean
says me again

i mean the lord says
for me to go there

go where

go there and preach to
the heathen alley cats
says he

you re crazy says me
surely the lord hates
those alley cats the
same as we

no i don t think he
does says he the lord
says they re creatures
he s made the same as
you and me
and i m supposed to go
there because he loves
them too – just like he
loves me and you

no no maybe you can
make a deal with the
lord tell him you ll go
anywhere but there

i tried that but the lord
said his place of blessing
protection power peace
and presence is there –
and there alone


p s – sorry boss ran out of room
we ll have finish dewey duck s
tale next time