Thieves demean our neighborhoods

CNJ Readers

Being a mother to a toddler and trying to keep the domestic front in order is like having two jobs.

I am a bit overwhelmed at times.

I don’t have the time to do extracurricular activities except for special occasions.

On Sunday, my child and I finally had a chance To put up some Halloween decorations and some lights in front of our house. My son was so excited and happy about all that.

Some hours later, I went outside to turn off the lights for one of the decorations and noticed that some were missing.
I could not believe my eyes, just a few hours after going to all that trouble to put them up.

I used to think I live in a nice little neighborhood, but now I’m not so sure about that anymore.

Was the thief an adult or kids? If the thief was a kid, shame on him or her.

I’m not really angry, but more saddened by it because the child was probably emulating parents. If the thief was an adult, shame, shame, shame. What kind of an example is that person setting for children?

Recently there was an article about a carved statue of a bear stolen from a retirement home. A Portales News-Tribune columnist said a thief is a coward. I totally agree with him.
Christmas is around the corner. Should I be worried about that as well?

Lori Hartmann

City’s new civic center should not sell alcohol

The newspaper’s Web site is asking if alcohol should be served at the new Clovis civic center.

My question is for Clovis city officials: Are they willing to accept the liability for serving someone who may injure or cripple an individual while under the influence of that alcohol?

I do not think the citizens of Clovis would appreciate someone filing a lawsuit against the city and associated entities.

There are enough places in Clovis that sell and serve alcohol already.

I am strongly opposed to the idea of the city serving alcohol.

Christian Heller Sr.