Affidavit details alleged drug ring

Andy Jackson: CNJ Staff Writer

* Feds say California man supplied Clovis group with large quantities of meth.

Methamphetamine stuffed in the body of a baby doll and mailed from Los Angeles to Clovis is just one piece of evidence officials gathered in the state’s case against 15 suspected drug traffickers from Clovis, Lubbock and California.

Thursday’s raids and arrests of seven in Clovis was but one piece of a larger, year-long federal investigation into a methamphetamine organization headed by Fernando Enrique Perez, 31, of Clovis, according to the search warrant affidavit released Monday.

Confidential informants, undercover agents and telephone wire taps tracked the interstate methamphetamine trafficking organization, according to a search warrant affidavit written by a U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration agent.

Three federal law enforcement agencies investigated Perez (Drug Enforcement Administration, Alcohol Tobacco Firearms, and Federal Bureau of Investigation), the warrant said. One confidential informant said he/she transported between two and six pounds of methamphetamine by rental car or train between Inglewood, Calif., and Clovis for Perez between November 2004 and January 2005, according to the warrant.

David Rosales (born in 1977) is accused of being “the source of supply from California for the organization,” according to a search warrant affidavit. Rosales is in federal custody, said Assistant U.S. Attorney Sharon Kimball, who is handling the case.

A confidential informant who cooperated with authorities to potentially reduce his/her criminal sentence said Rosales supplied five to 10 pounds of methamphetamine to Clovis per week, the warrant affidavit said.

The same informant told police Rosales had methamphetamine shipped to Clovis, two to four ounces at a time in stuffed animals and dolls from California, according to the warrant.

On Thursday, 12 of 15 suspected methamphetamine traffickers were taken into federal custody, according to a federal motion filed by Kimball. Three remained at large Monday, Kimball said.

Kimball filed a federal motion Monday the state be granted more time to provide evidence of the case to defense counsels, according to the motion document.

“The United States accumulated more than 1,000 pages of investigative reports and documentary evidence, as well as numerous audiotapes and other physical objects,” the motion said.

For 45 days, federal agents wiretapped 4,000 phone calls from two Clovis defendants, Perez and John Jesse Perez Jr., 40, the motion stated. Transcribing these conversations as evidence will take longer than the standard discovery time of eight days, according to the motion.

The case will now be heard in court after 70 days, because defense lawyers for eight defendants agreed to the motion for a time-extension Kimball requested.

Kimball would not reveal what was seized in Thursday’s Clovis raids. She said she didn’t want to taint the jury pool.
Both Perez men, Michelle D. Balch (born 1970) Jason Guitierrez, 26, and Adam Rivera, 27, were order held without bail during Monday’s detention hearings in federal court, Kimball said

Dorothy Ulibarri, 35, Chad Mobley, 37, and Allen Sierra, 28, were released to halfway houses, Kimball said.
Kimball said pretrial hearings have not been set yet.