11/18 amos

Editor’s note: Amos is a church mouse, unable to use the keyboard shift keys and unschooled in the art of punctuation.

de-churched for a night

boss i remember it happening
just like it was yesterday
in fact it was yesterday
when it happened

i got locked out of church
locked out of fellowship with
the church pew underworld

it happened innocently enough
who would have thought a little
gray churchmouse like me
would be standing outside
the church s stained-glass
windows looking in and
wanting to be there inside
question mark here boss

sammy salamander freddy flea
and i were playing hide-and
-seek although freddy has
some major advantages over
sammy and me with him
being so little and able
to jump so much

things weren t going so
well in my little hide-and-
seek world i kept scampering
across the trail of marcellus the
mean ol mangy cat

one time marcellus wheeled
around and saw my little
fuzzy face and i dived out
of the church door and into
a nearby evergreen bush just
as the church custodian locked
the door for the night

there i was boss safe from
marcellus to be sure but who
knows what dangers lurk out
there in the real world in the
dead – or dread – of night

it was an awesome feeling
for a little timid churchmouse
boss so i tried to find a nice
secluded mousy mission with
a day-old cheese line but
nothing could be found

hey there little gray
furrball how ya doing
says a big ugly sewer
rat that smelled like –
well you know boss

n-nothing says me a bit

wanna buy a nice watch
or a diamond ring says he

are you kidding says me
wondering where he would
get those kind of things but
not really wanting to know

you doubtin me kid says he
with a snarl instead of his
usual toothy grin

no sir not at all says i as i
turned to run as fast as i
could – straight into the
paw of an old scroungy-
looking dog

ya got any dog bones for a
hairy friend says he to me

no sorry says me i usually
don t carry many of those

ok says he as he started to
shuffle along his way

by then it was nearly dawn
and i hurried back to the
church door
soon the custodian would
open the church and i would
be safe inside

boss one s faith makes a
nice refuge but even now late
at night some of those faces i
met on the street still haunt
me and it causes me to reflect
that somehow we need to
break out and try to
redeem our world


p s – but next time boss i want
to be a little better prepared
like with a bible some dog
bones for my hairy friend and
maybe a bag of cheetos for me