Family childcare provides quality care

Ms. Tanya Kelley

Child care decisions are something working parents struggle with on a daily basis. Cluttering the decisions are issues such as quality, location, setting, as well as affordability. Parents only want what is best for their children, but what is best is not always an easy decision.
Cannon has several types of childcare. One such option is family childcare. Family childcare offers quality, safe care by professionally trained military family members.
A trained family childcare provider is an adult, age 18 or older, who provides care for a child or children in a home other than the child’s.
This care is provided on a regular basis, usually three to 10 hours a day, but less than 24 hours a day.
This program benefits parents by giving them the assurance that their children are well taken care of in a small home-like atmosphere.
Base housing residents can provide care for up to six children in their government quarters.
Before approval, applicants who wish to provide childcare in government quarters must go through a screening process, quarters’inspection by the base’s fire, safety and health officials.
They must also obtain liability insurance, and attend an initial week-long training course.
This course trains providers on CPR and first aid, child development and developmentally appropriate practices, along with guidance on Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. Safe handling of medication and food and ways to identify and prevent possible child abuse.
Family childcare providers also receive training on operating a small home-based business. This training stresses complying with Air Force and state regulations regarding licensing, business permits and tax codes.
Providers run their own businesses, set their own hours and fees, and determine which children they want to provide care for.
They are given continuous support and training by the Family Child Care program staff.
Residents who would like to become a family childcare provider, can call Jim Hernandez at 784-6560, Tanya Kelley at 784-2010 or Lindsy Price at 784-6663. The Family Support Center keeps a list of qualified providers and can be reached at 784-2448.