W.G. “Bill” Patton

W.G. “Bill” Patton
Date of birth: April 6, 1920
Dates of service: April 1942 to December 1945
Hometown: Ranchvale
Lives in: Ranchvale
Theater and location of service: Eastern Europe, Britain
Branch: Army Air Corps

Unit and Specialty: 5th Air Drome Squadron, control tower
In his words: Working under the supervision of the British, Patton said “We had the best job on the base. We were the envy of the whole Army … for our privileges.” As a worker in the control tower on a base in England, Patton was responsible for directing the landings and take-offs of American fighter jets.

Back home, he said his girl from college waited for him. Shortly after he volunteered, she too joined up, becoming a pilot in the Women’s Auxiliary Corps (WACS). Flying aircraft from one base to another, she supported the war effort from the states, all the while anticipating his return.

“ I looked all over England, from here to California, from California to New York and I never found anything that suited me better than her. She was a dandy,” he said.

Saving up his money during the war, he bought her a ring in Roswell when he returned home. Going back into farming, they enjoyed a 60-year marriage.