11/27 Letters to the editor

Reason for school merger hypocritical
The Nov. 15 school board meeting was historical. With little compassion shown by the board, except for two, and certainly not by the administration, an execution date has been set for the guillotine to fall on Lincoln-Jackson Arts Academy. Despite the objections of both communities, hundreds of students from Bella Vista and LJAA, will be forced to accept new and strange surroundings in the fall.

The school administration has called for the closing of LJAA and Ranchvale schools to overcome a $1.4 million shortfall of funds. In short, an educational way of life will be destroyed over money.

As always, this is the easy way out of financial problems. However, what I found so hypocritical was the fact that the LJAA building will remain open for other uses and there was even talk of building a new vocational-technical high school.

Please tell me, where are the savings?

I am reminded of a verse from the book of Revelation: “I looked and there before me was a pale horse. Its rider was named death…”

Without a reprieve, death to a superior way of education known and enjoyed by children from all over Clovis, but especially to the southwest side, will end.

We must rise up and make our voices blend into one giant trumpet or more death will come to our schools.

In closing, words from a song a few years back sums it up: “The rich man is dancing while the poor man pays the band.” The southwest side of town is making the down payment to that band. Ranchvale’s court date is in January. Who will follow?

John Prater

Columnist not appropriate for paper
Amy Alkon is not an appropriate writer to be in any newspaper, as far as I’m concerned, but especially not in the Clovis News Journal.

We have lived here for 11 years, and I have enjoyed the newspaper a lot. We moved from California and it seemed like I never had time to read anything out there. Now I start my day by reading the newspaper.

Most of your articles are good, but The Advice Goddess’ material should be x-rated. I shudder when I think that my five teenage granddaughters might be reading it, even though it’s only once a week.

Amy sounds like she is having a bad dream or is completely strung out on drugs. Her humor is not funny, but just plain disgusting. I am very tempted to cancel my subscription and encourage my kids to do the same.

Please reconsider having her in the Clovis News Journal. I always thought your newspaper was a family newspaper with mostly wholesome articles. Why lower the standards now?

Thank you in advance for reconsidering this issue.

Nellie Teune