Visitor Guidelines Defined

Airman Thomas Trower

Caution should be observed when allowing others to stay in assigned military family housing units, said Ms. Donna Hester, chief of facilities in the Cannon Housing Office.
According to Air Force Instruction 32-6001 on regulations for family housing, family housing is appropriated for use as single-family dwellings; therefore, occupancy by more than one family is not authorized. Dependents are considered normal residents of the household.
Dependents of service members are strictly defined to include spouse, children or parents.
Children must be unmarried and under the age of 21, incapable of self-support, or under the age of 23 and enrolled in a full-time course of study.
Dependent parents must rely on the service member for more than half their support and can submit necessary paperwork to the housing office.
Dependents are further defined to exclude non-custodial dependents; that is, a military member must have legal custody of any family member claimed as a dependent for military family housing purposes.
All visits by anyone other than dependents are social visits. Social visits with people outside the local commuting area must be limited to no more than 30 days. Visits with people within the local commuting area must not exceed two days.
Military members who allow social visits to last more than 30 days face forfeiture of Basic Allowance for Housing (BAH) if they live in contract housing or eviction from government quarters.
“This is one of the biggest concerns we have,” said Ms. Hester. “Airmen need to realize that they are responsible for whatever happens in their homes.”
Airmen are encouraged to never leave their home unattended to anyone.
Any damage to the quarters is the responsibility of the active duty person assigned to those quarters.
For more information on housing policies, call the housing office at 784-7532.