Letters to the editor: Santa being stolen from Christmas

’Tis the season to celebrate Christ’s birth and enjoy gifts, family gatherings and Santa Claus.

You remember Santa Claus, right? He was the magical man who’d shimmy down your chimney one night a year to bring you presents. Sad to say, it seems Santa Claus is becoming a thing of the past. Now he’s a mere lawn ornament for the season.

More and more every year, little kids don’t believe in Santa Claus. Most parents today tell their kids that Santa isn’t real. I think that’s sad. Those kids are missing out on such a fun time in their lives.

When I was little, Christmas first and foremost was about the birth of Christ, but we also had Santa Claus. I remember the excitement and anticipation every year on Christmas Eve knowing Santa would be coming down my chimney that night to bring me some presents. It was so much fun and the most magical time of the year.

I also remember the day I finally knew and accepted the truth about Santa Claus. I wasn’t angry or hurt that my parents “lied” to me. I remember being sad, because that meant I was growing up.

I just don’t understand parents today. Do they think the Santa thing would somehow scar children for life? I don’t have children yet, but I do know I will want them
to have Santa Claus.

Of course, the reason for the season is to celebrate Christ’s birth, but can’t we have Santa too? I say let kids be kids as long as possible, because they will learn soon enough about the harsh realities of the great big world.
Until then, let them have some magic.

Jennifer Brandon

Americans need to stand up
for Christian beliefs

Why are our freedoms always less important than those who speak loudest?

I have been watching and listening long enough. We are fighting in other countries in order that others may enjoy the freedoms America enjoys. Well, wake up — we are losing our freedoms on a daily basis without so much as a letter or protest.

Our way of life, as we have known it, was founded on a Christian belief and the Bill of Rights assuring everyone certain freedoms. Since then this way of life has been under continual attack.

We are not allowed to have a pledge or a prayer in some schools. Bibles are not allowed to be displayed in some public place. “In God we trust” on our money is being protested against. And now saying “Merry Christmas” at retail establishments making huge profits selling Christmas gifts is being prohibited by some.

Why on Earth do we allow our freedoms to be taken away so easily? All of these rights are being taken away in the name of freedom. Look around. Who is this majority protesting against these rights?

When was it that we forced anyone to say a pledge or a prayer, to read or gaze upon a Bible or read money? I don’t know anyone who forces anyone else to go to church or even believe in God.

We as Americans have and will continue to fight and die for the right to have these freedoms. Why fight and die for something we give up so freely here in our country?
Stand up, America. Stop letting your rights be taken away by this non-majority.

God bless America. And merry Christmas to all.

Jim Sitterly