12/30 amos

amos the churchmouse:

a view from under the pew
Editor’s note: Amos is a church mouse, unable to use the keyboard shift keys and unschooled in the art of punctuation.

bobby s turnaround breakdown
boss speaking of the upcoming
new year and new starts in life
i ran across bobby
badger the other day  you
remember bobby one of
the greatest soccer
goalkeepers in church pew
underworld history

it was awesome boss in fact
i not only saw bobby but i
actually got to interview him
at the height of his athletic
career boss

bobby led the north american
bug-and-rodent soccer league
with a point-90 goals-against
average for several seasons and
held the title of goalkeeping
champ a record number of times

bobby attributes the turning
point of his career – and life – to
an unusual incident – an emotional 

i wouldn t wish a nervous
breakdown on anybody says the
star goalkeeper but it was
probably the best thing that
ever happened to me
how can that be says me
it was the turning point in my
life and career the british-born
badger says it all started back
home in britain i was living at
home not particularly going
anywhere says he i was just one
of hundreds of other soccer players
in england who wasn t making
a very good living at the game
but it was the only thing i knew
and the only thing i wanted to do

although bobby had never been
bothered by nerves before boss
he reached a point where he got
nervous and shaky – and even
under medical care his nervousness
only seemed to worsen

i eventually had a complete
nervous breakdown says he
and i lost a lot of faith and
confidence in myself – i came
out of soccer – virtually out of
life – because i reached the
stage where i couldn t even
talk to anyone

boss he began to sink into a
deep depression that
swallowed him up

after spending nine days in a
hospital he began to take
stock of his situation
i sat down and told myself –
i have clothes i have money i
have good physical health –
the only thing i don t have is a
belief – my family always told
me to believe in god but i just
didn t want to says he i was
very rebellious – i won t say i
was an atheist – i would say maybe
an agnostic – i just sat down and
said well if there is a god i
need him to help me i prayed
and asked god to forgive me
for all the things i had done
the next morning bobby says
the doctor noticed a remarkable
change in me and asked me
exactly what it was
however bobby felt it would
be wiser not to say exactly
what it was
i just didn t think i should
come out and say i ve had a
religious experience or that i
suddenly believe in god says he
he probably thought i was crazy
anyway and that would have
made it worse
now life has taken on a richer
deeper perspective bobby says
i feel twice as strong as i did
before i went through all this
says he a lot of folks couldn t
understand why it happened to
me but  it happened  it s in the
past now – it s history – it s not
a thing to dwell on it s a thing
to grow from
i know it would have been quite
easy while in the breakdown to pack
it in  that s what i wanted to do –
but jesus christ made a claim on
my life and that s what s important                                            
p s – boss this column was based
on an interview done several years ago
with dallas tornado star ken cooper