Moment evokes feelings, wishes for upcoming year

Clyde Davis: Local Columnist

While driving north along Prince Street, I happen to glance up at the sky above a field to the east, where I see what appears for a split second to be a toy kite or plastic bag.
Realizing it is none of the above, rather a desert falcon, I stop the car and pull over to watch him. He has made a quick reversal in his flight, which is why he looked like a blowing kite, and is now climbing back up in the wind. When he has climbed for a few more seconds, he begins his stoop, or descent towards his prey, moving at a speed that is, we know, amazing.

From where I am, I cannot see him finish his dive, but the glimpse has been enough to empower and uplift me for the day.

For perhaps the first time, I glimpse an understanding of why someone would want to own a falcon, though to my mind, that is an oxymoron; how can one own something so wild and free?

For 2006, I wish for you moments like these, however a moment of awareness of this type may translate into your context. These are some of the other things I wish for you, or for us, in 2006:

n Another Advent and Christmas season that will include the Christmas radio station a local broadcasting concern so graciously hooked us up with. I have been grateful on a daily basis for this since Thanksgiving weekend when it first came into reception. Way to go, guys!

n That is, however, a long way off. I wish for you health, and moments of awakening to how valuable it is. At this time in 2002, I was preparing to enroll in Chemotherapy 202 and Radiation101. Guess what I think about when I catch myself getting frustrated with my life? As Lance Armstrong said, “After cancer, there are only good days and great days.” In other words, remember what it is like to be weak, helpless and afraid; you’ll be grateful that you have the energy to live your sometimes frenetic life.

n I wish for you self understanding, the kind that will open new realizations of who you are and what you need to feel fulfilled and live life to the fullest. For example, every once in a while I need to be reminded that part of mental health, for me, is frequent contact with the outdoors and nature at its best. That was what the falcon reminded me of. What grounds you, centers you, focuses you, and spiritually recreates you?

n I wish for you an attitude that embraces what we have around us, what this area has to offer, and the positive efforts that so many people put forward to create this community as a model of living — everyone from police officers to artists, from librarians to groundskeepers, who is seeking to improve our quality of living.

n I wish for you the attitude of a winner. Let me give an example. My wife Janice and I were talking about a local fellow who took a tragic accident in which he was involved and made the best of it, investing his insurance settlement to build a successful business. I said “The more I see, it seems like attitude is what separates the winners from the losers.” (Coach Kasimankas used to tell us that before games, but in our naiveté we thought he was just talking about high school football. Now we know…) So may you have the attitude of a winner.

n I wish for you love, laughter, experiences you have not had (like our trip to Sedona) and the ability to feel more deeply than you ever have before. Remember your 2006 is in the hands of One who is bigger than you, and who loves you with all depth.