Etc. — Snippets from the first day of spring semester at CCC

Clovis Community College part-time student James Bauer of Clovis works out as instructor Brad Heath watches during the first class of circuit weight training Tuesday at the college. (Staff photo: Eric Kluth)

By Marlena Hartz: CNJ staff writer

Spring semester at Clovis Community College kicked off Tuesday.

Do college students still worry about what to wear on the first day of class?“Yes, I am a little bit older, but I still worry about stuff like that,” said Christopher Morales, 28, who just moved from Lubbock to Clovis to study nursing.

Do you prefer spring or fall semester at Clovis Community College? “I like spring semester better because the days get longer and it doesn’t seem so late when you finally get out of night classes,” said Tracey Orozco, 31, who is studying to become a legal assistant.

What is most stressful about the first day of classes? “Getting everyone to school and then getting myself ready,” said Debbie Ulibarri, 40, a pre-nursing student and mother of three.

What is the most rewarding aspect of life as a college student? “Knowing that I am getting the rest of my life started,” said Chad Birnie, 22, a CCC bookstore employee and an automotive technology student.

What do professors worry about on the first day of a new semester?
“For me, it is worrying if have chosen the best tactic to approach the class. Presentation depends on the class,” said CCC religion instructor Alvin Petty, 57. “If I see my students thinking for themselves, if I connect with my students in some way, and I see my class changing their lives for the better, I am thrilled,” Petty said.

Fast facts
• Some of the most popular courses at the college include digital photography, aviation ground school, water walking, weight training, and a criminal justice course on gangs. Popular majors include automotive technology, cosmetology, and radiological technology.

• For several years, two-thirds of CCC students have been female. “We wondered if were missing something — what we could do to better serve the males in the community. But, actually, the numbers are not all that different from other colleges across the country,” said David Caffey, CCC vice president of institutional effectiveness.

By the numbers
599 — online courses being taken at the college

14 — percent of CCC enrollment is online

30 — estimated average age of students enrolled in the spring semester

Important dates
Monday — Last day to register, make schedule changes, or change from audit to credit.
Feb. 10 — Last day to change from credit to audit in the first eight-week term.
Feb. 17 — Last day to apply for spring graduation.
Feb. 24 — Last day to withdraw in the first eight-week term.