1/25 Letters to the editor

Parental care missing in suspect’s life
Hold the phone! According to the article in Thursday’s CNJ, (“Suspect’s brother: Infant death accidental”), Benito Valdez was 12 years old when he started dating a 15-year-old girl. Within three years, they had their first child. That made him a father at 15 years, while the mother was 18. Is that not statutory rape?

If the situation were turned around and he was the 18-year-old getting a 15-year-old pregnant, whether the sex was consensual or not, he’d be called a rapist and have to be on the sex-offender register for the rest of his life.

Even now, Valdez is still considered a minor.

Something’s not right here.

This couple had two children within two years. They decided they were too young to get married, but not too young to live together and have babies?

Where were the adults in this young man’s life?

I hope the adults who are in Valdez’s life now don’t fail him as badly as the adults who were in his life before this tragedy occurred.

Victoria Wood

Republicans’ week anything but good
It was said recently the Republicans had a “good week.” Someone is definitely in La-La Land.

In the news that week: Seniors everywhere were going through exactly what the Democrats predicted: confusing incompetent administration of a confusing, poorly designed prescription drug bill.

Most of us believe torture should not happen, yet it continues as we pretend otherwise, with secret prisons, furtive justifications and legal sophistry.

Widespread corruption in lobbying, campaigns, contracts and so forth get worse by the month.

FEMA, one of the most important federal agencies, is disintegrating under the weight of its own incompetence.

The National Security Agency now admits spying illegally on Americans, specifically forbidden under the Constitution.

We are killing and being killed in an illegal, immoral war in Iraq with no end in sight beyond convincing just enough of us before the November elections that “We’re making progress.”

We can nit-pick the details, but on the whole this administration is warlike, corporate-driven, dishonest, secretive, and deserves to be thrown out of office on the basis of severe proactive negligence of the basic and legitimate needs of the American people.
I wonder what would be a “bad week?”

Kirby Rowan