Air Force Services survey needs customer input

Courtesy of 27th Services Squadron

Headquarters Air Force Services has a new program to address customers’ wants and needs. Every year they conduct customer feedback surveys to assess customer satisfaction with services programs. The responses help drive policy and program decisions.
People who are not randomly chosen to receive this survey can now have a chance for their opinions to be known. Air Force Services is committed to combat support and community service and offers many programs to improve quality of life for Air Force families.
These surveys let services know what they are doing right and where things can be improved. All inputs are taken seriously.
The survey is an important feedback tool for all customers. Air Force Services asks that anyone who is randomly selected to take part in this survey please take the time to fill it out and return in the envelope provided.
Responses will help make a difference in the programs services offers to servicemembers, their families and the entire Cannon community.
Anyone with questions about how this survey will help them may contact Ms. Yolanda Romero, 27th Services Squadron marketing representative, at 784-2115.
Editor’s note: The survey has been reviewed and approved for distribution by the Air Force Personnel Survey Branch at the Air Force Personnel Center.

Services needs feedback on all facilities:

Information Tickets and Travel
Whispering Winds Golf Course
Pecos Trail Dining Facility
Child Development Center
Framing and Engraving
Human Resource Office
Family Support Center
Community Centers
Outdoor Recreation
Cannon Library
Fitness Center
Cannon Lanes
The End Zone
Youth Center
The Landing
Caprock Inn