Visitor Center policies clarified

Tech. Sgt Rich Jones

The visitors center is currently staffed 24 hours a day to issue temporary base passes that are valid for 24 hours during the week and up to 72 hours on the weekend.
The center is open for 24-hour operation to reduce the pedestrian traffic crossing traffic lanes at the main gate after normal duty hours. This once posed a safety hazard and forced individuals to stand outside during inclement weather.
The visitor center is open 7:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday to issue vehicle decals, passes for the Committee of 50 and Portales Military Affairs Committee , restricted area badges and conduct base in- or out-processing.
Decals, restricted area badges and any passes other than temporary passes will only be issued during these hours.

During wing down days and federal holidays the visitor control center will only issue temporary passes.
The VCC also handles all special event coordination for base access. Events such as retirements, separations, weddings or golf tournaments must be coordinated through the VCC for the proper request forms.
After the forms are completed they must be submitted at least five duty days before the event to ensure adequate coordination.
Visitors must provide full names and social security number for individual background checks.
The base speed limit is 30 mph when driving on Cannon except where otherwise posted.
Housing area loops, courts and circles that have a driveway leading to them have a speed limit of 10 mph.
The speed limit in housing area avenues and streets that do not have a driveway leading to them is 20 mph.

In parking lots the speed limit is 5 mph, unless otherwise posted.
When passing formations the speed limit is 5 mph.
Individuals operating privately owned motor vehicles on base must ensure their vehicle is properly registered through their state and on base. The vehicle must also be properly insured.