2/26 In memory

Benny Pacheco Jr. on his father Benigno “Benny” Sena Pacheco Sr, a professional gambler:

“My father taught us that there’s really no gambles. You have to do sure things. (He said) ‘If you’re guessing, you’re losing. Don’t play a game you don’t know how to play, because then you’re playing another man’s game.’
“If it wasn’t for my father, I wouldn’t be in business.”

— Benny Pacheco Sr., 78, of Clovis, died Nov. 25

Sandy Spell on his mother, Evelyn Spell, homemaker and school bus driver:

“I definitely miss her now. She was a very caring and loving mother. She cared about all the family. She was a very hard working lady … She drove a school bus and was active in anything we did. She could be tough when we got out of line. She was a disciplinarian, but she was a loving mother. She was a Christian and she always wanted us to grow up to be good Christian people, to be polite and take care of ourselves and our business.”

— Evelyn V. Spell, 77, of Clovis, died Jan. 30

Bill Chapman, on his friend of 40 years, Cherry Moore, a retail buyer and manager:

“Cherry had a servant’s heart. He loved the Lord and his church. He loved to visit nursing homes, even when he was pretty well incapacitated he would still go. He was just a good friend. He loved to play games — card games and board games with his friends. He was always cheerful. To love the Lord and serve your church is the main thing that he instilled me.”

— Clarence J. “Cherry” Moore, 93, of Clovis, died Jan. 30

Marie Gomez on her mother Josefa Gariepy, homemaker:

“What I remember about her life is she enjoyed crocheting and braiding rugs. She was very loving and she really loved her grandchildren. She (kept her home) very clean, she never let anybody clean for her. The minute we finished eating, the table was clean and cleared away and she wouldn’t let anybody help her. I’m so blessed I had her for (so many) years.”

— Josefa Gariepy, 92, of Clovis, died Jan. 23

Mary Louise Walker, on her son Ray “House” Walker, cafe owner:

“He was a good child. He was there when I needed him. He liked to joke and go on. He was just a good person. He used to take me around places to go visit family or do things. He was a good child.”
— House Walker, 58, of Portales, died Feb. 10

John Baros, on his brother Manuel “Mandy” Baros:

“He served Mass, loved to ride motorcycles and played the guitar. He was a real happy guy. My brother was a happy person. He used to drink, he used to fight — once in a while he’d get beat. He loved casinos; he used to win, he used to lose. He used to like to go and visit our mother and brother’s (graves).”

— Mandy Baros, 62, of Clovis, died Feb. 3

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