Municipal candidates get priorities straight

By Andy Jackson: CNJ staff writer

They’ve knocked on doors and talked to voters, and now with the election two days away, City Commission candidates say they understand the people’s priorities.

They said voters care about issues such as water, roads, drainage, crime and youth.

Len Vohs and Gloria Wicker are running for the District 2 seat. Jack Twite and William Ron Edwards are running in District 4.

The candidates say citizens want the commission to find ways to ensure there will be enough water for future generations.

“We need to reserve water rights at Ute Lake, but I don’t think Ute Lake is a permanent answer,” Wicker said. She proposed to get water from Lake Superior and funnel it to the Ogallala Aquifer.

Vohs said he has “knocked on a lot of doors,” and believes water and streets are huge concerns for voters. He thinks that the Ute water project is a good solution for assuring future adequate water supplies.

Although he doesn’t believe water drainage is a problem now, it could become one in the future with growing residential development. Drainage is not a primary concern for voters, he said.

Edwards said he hasn’t talked to voters in his whole district, but most people tell him drainage and water retention are high priorities. He favors water conservation, he said.

Twite said voters he has spoken with are concerned that road construction takes too long to complete.

“Most people I’ve talked to say the city is doing projects without finishing (other) projects,” he said. “They’re keeping projects on the back burner.” Twite would like to see construction projects completed in a timely manner before new ones are undertaken, he said.

Wicker and Twite believe crime is an issue. Wicker said whatever is needed for police to handle gang problems and crime should be provided to them.

Vohs said although his boss’s ex-wife was killed outside Clovis recently, he commended the police in apprehending a suspect quickly. He thinks voters have confidence in police and the overall safety of the community.

Enhancing entertainment options for Clovis youth, Wicker and Twite believe, is a priority for voters.

“We need a meeting of kids to determine how they can be entertained,” Wicker said.

And Twite said more activity options and places for youth to go are needed to keep them away from drugs and gangs.

But Edwards said the residents he’s spoken with haven’t put youth entertainment options at the top of their lists.

City elections are on Tuesday.

Fast facts
• Gloria Wicker has served on the City Commission before and is retired.
• Len Vohs works in broadcast sales.
• Jack Twite manages the grocery department of Wal-Mart.
• William Ron Edwards is retired from the Clovis Fire Department.
• Commissioners Isidro Garcia and Juan Garza are running uncontested for reelection in their Districts, 3 and 1, respectively.