3/10 amos

Editor’s note: Amos is a church mouse, who types by hopping on the computer keyboard, but he can’t operate the capital shift, and he shuns punctuation marks – except hyphens and dashes.

life in a matchbox

amendments to
solomon s proverbs

boss i may have mentioned
this once before but life
ain t easy under a
cushionless church pew

a wise mouse lays up
knowledge as a squirrel
stores up nuts –
except knowledge lasts
longer – especially if
you eat as much as
stanley squirrel does

he who gathers in the
summer is a wise
mouse but he who hops
around and parties
with the grasshoppers
causes shame for his
mom and poppa mouse

a gossipy ladybug
reveals secrets and
scatters pain but a
faithful close-mouthed
friend keeps harmony in
the church pew underworld

he who withholds his
cheese the other mice
shall curse but blessings
be upon the head of him
who generously shares

as a golden ring in a
pig s snout so is a
lovely ladybug with rude
manners or a foul mouth

he who creates misery
within his own little
matchbox will inherit
the wind — and probably
a few flames as well

just as doing what s
right tendeth to life
so he who pursues evil
will pursue it to his
own death

young mouse walk not
in the ways of the wild
rat or the heathen
alley cat
for their feet run to
evil to maim the young
and old and to steal and
spoil the food they find
they plot and scheme
and lay snares for
others but instead find
themselves ensnared in
their own traps

the young mouse who chooses
to live right shall receive
wisdom and long life
but the mouse who chooses
wickedness and foolish living
will one day have to pay
for traveling the wrong way

never yell at a neighbor
mouse when you re eating
cheese or crackers

never chase your tail –
one of four things almost
always happens
either you exhaust
yourself and fall flat
on your nose
or you get dizzy
and fall flat on
your nose
or you stumble and
fall flat on your nose
or even if you actually
catch your tail what then
question mark here boss

never get mad and
kick the cheese in a
mouse trap

a spring-loaded mouse
trap is like a fifty-ton
freight train — you can t
outrun either of them

peace and long life
shall follow the mouse
who sips the milk of
kindness shuns the
wine of bitterness
walks the way of love
shares the bread and
cheese of life and
stops often at the
well of forgiveness