3/19 Letters to the editor

Ambulance shouldn’t be used as ruse
I am totally appalled after reading Friday’s paper to learn that Portales Fire Department approved the use of one of their ambulances to be used in a drug bust.

I cannot imagine why the Fire Department would let one of their prized and expensive ambulances be filled up with police officers, run through the city with their lights and sirens on, and put the citizens of Portales at risk to make an arrest.

Ambulances are to be used in the business of saving lives and should not be used as police vehicles. Imagine looking into your rear-view mirror to see an ambulance screeching up behind you only to learn it was filled with police officers!

Running Code 3, which means using their lights and sirens, is dangerous, and an ambulance running Code 3 indicates a true emergency.

While I can appreciate the drug problem and the police wanting to arrest these people, certainly they must have unmarked vehicles they could use and quietly sneak up to these residences? I hope this is not going to become a trend. What’s next?

Connie Belcher

School board should explain its actions
In response to “Principal squelching students’ rights” (March 7 CNJ):
Victoria Rae Bryant is right in her objection and desire to express her dislike for the block schedule change. However, like so many other individuals, her opinion is being ignored.

As it has been for years, now there is only one opinion concerning the schools that counts — the superintendent’s. Whatever that opinion is, it seems the school board buys it with little objection.

I continue to observe with total amazement as the events surrounding our public school system unfold. Not only is the class schedule change a confusing issue — 74 percent of teachers are against it — for months now, we were told that two schools had to be closed in order to save money. Now, that seems not to be true.

Ranchvale will remain open, a decision that I applaud and heartily support. Lincoln-Jackson Arts Academy will also remain open, but not for the reason it should. It now seems that LJAA will be used for adult education of some kind.

I have one simple question: Where is all that money we had to save coming from now? While the articles that keep appearing in the Clovis News Journal are informative, they do not tell the full story.

I am sure Victoria and I both would love to see an explanation from the school board and school administration that openly and honestly explains these misleading and plain bad proposals.

I feel the public has the right to know the true intentions of both parties concerning our schools.

In closing, the worst mistake anyone can make is failing to correct a mistake while there is still time. Leave LJAA open for the right reason — the students.

John Prater