Three looks personify spring fashion

Ramona Madril, a sales associate for Dillard’s department store, straightens a display Monday afternoon. (Staff photo: Sharna Johnson)

By Marlena Hartz: CNJ staff writer

Gone are the bulky sweaters and crocheted shrugs of winter. In their place — a new pallet of fresh colors, light fabrics and bold prints for spring.

Three looks — tribal, London rocker and romantic — define the attire on shelves, according to Ramona Madril, sales associate at Dillard’s at North Plains Mall.

Madril demystified the styles:

• Tribal — earth tones, linen fabrics and wooden jewelry

• London rocker — mini-skirts, leggings, layered tanks and tees, and chunky silver or gold jewelry

• Romantic — anything lace, embellished blouses, dresses and dainty jewelry

The styles are inspired by runway collections and celebrities, Madril said.

Also popular this spring, Madril said, are skin-bearing twists on pants. Gauchos (wide-legged, pants cropped somewhere below the knee) and capris (straight-legged pants cropped somewhere above the ankle) are a few examples, she said. And surprise — shorts, lent a utilitarian look, have made an unexpected comeback.

“These are trends you can really wear anywhere,” Madril said. “(With) others, like the London rocker look, people might feel more comfortable wearing in bigger cities.”

But elements from each look can be incorporated seamlessly into country and city wardrobes, said Suzanne Funicella, a Dillard’s manager.

“If you have some capris from last year, just add a romantic shirt,” she said.

Crisp, bright colors and garments made of lace reign in spring collections, according to Jacqueline Davis, a jewelry sales representative and former boutique owner.

“Garments with lace trim or completely made with lace are one of the hottest things right now,” Davis said.

For feet, wedges are in, she said.

When donning trends, moderation should rule, warns sales associate Nikki Bobzien of Pacific Sun, a store at North Plains Mall that specializes in trendy, West Coast fashions.

“Don’t wear sunglasses with a bracelet and necklace and a ring. Simplify it,” she said.

Bobzien also advised shoppers to bypass colors that are hot for the season, but not for their skin tone.

But what’s most important for women in choosing clothes, according to Davis, is body shape.

“Capris look good on almost anyone. But gauchos, for example, can overwhelm a petite woman, depending on the length. Some just have too much fabric at the bottom,” she said.

The good news, according to Davis, is, “There are fashions for every body shape.”