4-9 Organizations

Claud Rainy Day Extension Club
The Claud Rainy Day Extension Club was host to the “Just-Us” Extension Club on March 11 at the home of Judy Gambill. Guests were Dallas Draper, Jewel Hill, Glenda Dodd, Pansy Jordan, Pat Morris and Charlotte Montgomery.

After a delicious “finger food” luncheon, everyone played games, some learning new ones. Prizes were new U.S. quarters in cups of candies with a St. Patrick’s Day theme in decor.

The club met again on March 22 for a business meeting and games. The main discussion was about improvements to the Extension Building at the fairgrounds.

The next meeting will be with Ann Carter on April 8.

Chaparral Extension Club
The Chaparral Extension Club met March 23 at the 21st Street Church of Christ with 19 members present, eight members from the Ranchvale Club and the guest speaker, Lucy Steyn.

Everyone brought some handmade items for display.

Chaparral President Sheryl Abdill welcomed everyone, and Dorris Bourlon introduced Lucy Steyn to the group.

A noon tea was served with finger foods at beautifully decorated tables. Lucy Steyn presented a wonderful program on Africa, showed quilts and pillows she had made, and shared slides of her home country. Her husband, Phillip, is the minister of the Farwell Church of Christ. They were both born and had lived in Southern Africa until three years ago when they came to America to be closer to their children and their families.

Everyone present picked out a casserole carrier before they left. A wonderful time was had by all.