Cannon childcare providers ensure quality licensed care

27th Services Squadron

Working parents with childcare concerns need to be assured their child is in a save environment.
Many of these parents find comfort in having their children in the care of a licensed childcare provider.
The Air Force requires childcare providers who provide 10 or more hours per week to become licensed. Though licensing takes time, it can be comforting for the parent.
All applicants undergo extensive background checks through various military entities, said Jim Hernandez, family childcare coordinator.
This two-week process ensures applicants don’t have major criminal records, don’t live in an emotionally unstable environment and live in a structurally sound home.
Following a physical checkup, applicants receive a week of training, encompassing areas such as equipment usage, sanitation and food preparation, and become insured before licensing is complete.
A three-month probationary period allows in-depth inspections of providers and then monthly Air Force inspections are given, said Mr. Hernandez.
“To a parent, it’s important that providers get inspected, so that they feel more at ease, because there’s an extra set of eyes checking to ensure all health and safety guidelines are being met,” said Tanya Kelley, family childcare trainer.
Providers must also attend at least 24 hours of training per year and complete 15 modules, or workbooks, within their first 18 months.
This additional training keeps providers up-to-date on guidelines for childcare current trends.
Full-time providers must maintain cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) certification and enroll in the Department of Agriculture food program.
The Cannon Family Child Care office helps potential providers gain access to the lending library, which supplies such items as outdoor play areas, creative arts and crafts, diaper changing stations, and learning materials.
For information on becoming a childcare provider, call the Cannon Family Child Care Office at 784-6560.