0-0-1-3 safety program promotes responsibility

Tech. Sgt. Michael Rogers

Cannon’s focus this summer is to “Live Smart, Train Hard and Defend Freedom.”
0-0-1-3 is one way to remember what smart living is all about.
Developed to provide F.E. Warren Air Force Base, Wyo., Airmen guidance on responsible drinking, the 0-0-1-3 program concept has become well-known and accepted by its populace in just one year, to significantly reduce alcohol related incidents.
But that is merely the statistical tip of the iceberg. More importantly, it has furthered
the development of a responsible culture among Airmen, resulting in right choices being made concerning alcohol.
So, what does 0-0-1-3 stand for? The first 0 restates the law, – zero underage drinking.
The second 0 restates the law as well, zero incidents of driving under the influence. The 1 stands for a maximum of one drink per hour. This is based on the amount of alcohol an average person’s liver can process in that time.
The 3 stands for three drinks per night, maximum. Having three drinks or less keeps you in control and away from going over the edge toward binge drinking.
0-0-1-3 is an easy way to remember how to drink responsibly and is designed to keep Airmen away from risks associated with irresponsible drinking. It is based upon sound medical science and the laws designed to maintain public safety. Airmen don’t have to know much more to employ 0-0-1-3.
This is not a teaching tool; it’s a memory jogger. It promotes wise decisions by reminding Airmen of responsible drinking habits.
“Don’t Drink and Drive” is still very valid. 0-0-1-3 is not intended to replace this edict, nor does it suggest that Airmen should drink, then drive. It promotes the fact that they have a choice to be responsible when consuming alcoholic beverages, and that with a little reminder, they can avoid putting themselves in a situation where an alcohol-related incident might occur.
By embracing 0-0-1-3, Airmen develop the new “norm” of drinking among their peers. This benefits the Air Force as the culture shifts
to responsibility instead of chasing abstinence or fearing punishment.
Cannon Airmen should consider their options this
holiday weekend and the rest of the summer. Airmen as individuals benefit from using 0-0-1-3. The 27th Fighter Wing benefits from collective effort to remain focused of being “The World’s Most Lethal Warfighting Team.”