5/28 Letters to the editor

Cutting teachers poor answer to budget
Why does the superintendent of Clovis schools blame the elimination of 14 educational assistants, three other full-time and two other part-time positions on the state-mandated raises? Teachers deserve a raise for their work with and among the children.

The teachers have agreed to relinquish their planning period, which means they will have to plan after school or in the evening, taking time away from their families.

They might be able to get their planning done if there was not so much paperwork to get done, of which some could be eliminated.

I do not understand the need to remove the block schedule from the high school. It is going to cause some of the students to be short on credits and not have the required courses to enter college.

Yes, the teachers can do playground duty, which is part of their job, but why did our superintendent get a raise after just eight months of service? Seems like she is adding to the teachers’ jobs to justify them getting raises.

Teachers are not paid enough for the job they do for our children. I see everyone making sacrifices except the superintendent.

Patsy Graham

Columnist’s remarks about woman unfair, hurtful
Regarding Sunday’s column by Karl Terry on Portales’ Maypole tradition:
Each person is entitled to his/her own opinion about events. It’s obvious that when the girl called Terry about winding the Maypole years ago, he should have said, “No.”

I found Terry’s remarks about Barbara George to be rude, unfair, and hurtful. She is a woman of integrity and high morals. She has spent most of her life in service to young people through the schools or the community. She has touched and inspired many people, including me, with her compassionate and caring nature.

Barbara George taught, coached and sponsored young people for many years. That she, like most coaches and sponsors, held her charges to a high standard is something that ought to be applauded and embraced.

I personally stand behind her. I’m sure I speak for many others when I say that she is loved, valued, thanked and appreciated for all that she has done and continues to do for others.

Marilyn Stratton