Readers weigh in on sheriff’s race

Bowman full of energy, dedicated to citizens
I would like to say a few words about Doug Bowman, a candidate for Curry County sheriff.

I have known Doug all of his life. Doug and his family are members of the First Baptist Church. Doug comes from a family of long-term commitment to the Clovis community and to their jobs. Doug’s grandfather retired from the Clovis Police Department after serving 21 years.

Doug has served the last 6 1/2 years with the Curry County Sheriff’s Office, serving the last 3 1/2 years as the undersheriff. Doug has had the responsibility of running the Sheriff’s Office in the absence of the current sheriff.

Doug knows the job and knows the changes that need to be made to improve the department and better protect the lives and property of the citizens of Curry County.

I was employed at the Clovis Police Department from 1976 to 2001. Before retiring, I had the opportunity to work with Doug from 1997 to 2000 at the Clovis Police Department. Doug is young, full of energy and dedicated to the citizens of Curry County.

Kevin Clements

Waller solid pick as undersheriff
I wish to express my thoughts as to what a positive choice Wesley Waller will be as Matt Murray’s undersheriff.

I have known Wesley Waller for 15 years and find him to be of unquestioned character and wholesomeness. Wesley served on Gov. Garrey Carruthers’ security team in the late 1980s, performing his duties conscientiously, with dedication and honor.
I worked with him on a daily basis and found his attention to detail extraordinary as he made sure all aspects of his duties were performed meticulously.

Even while working in a demanding position with the New Mexico State Police, Wesley has been a great family man in partnership with his wife, Launa. I have watched as Wesley has matured and honed his skills.

In today’s world, Curry County will be well served by someone who truly understands and demonstrates the epitome of integrity — and that someone is Wesley Waller.

Sharon Jones
Las Cruces

Murray is honorable and has integrity
My wife and I lived in Clovis from 1992 to 2001. I have kept close touch with the current events going on with Clovis and have been in close contact with many of the population that have concerns with law enforcement in total.

I come from a law enforcement family. My father is Nolan Craig, retired from the FBI, who was personally recruited by a legend in law enforcement — Les Vannatta. Les had a son named Charles (former Curry County sheriff) who served as undersheriff to Matt Murray.

As a young Clovis police officer, I looked up to these individuals for guidance and intelligence in the field during my seven years with the Clovis Police Department.

Murray offers the county a true dedication to the community that will ensure the proper application of law enforcement and properly trained agents where necessary.

I am beginning my 12th year in law enforcement, although I transferred to the United States Border Patrol five years ago. I have seen the best and the worst of what this business has to offer to the public. I can tell you as a bystander from a different county (Luna County) that anyone voting for Murray would be voting for a person with integrity and honor.

The remarks in the May 10 letter from Chet Spear (“Sheriff should be willing to risk life”) were not appropriate. His remarks were not true in any form and lacked integrity. Murray will exemplify himself, as he will deliver exactly what he states.

I believe Murray would be the best selection Curry County has for the position of sheriff. He will deliver the best and most positive community action that Curry County deserves.

Andy Craig

Murray failed kids in 1992 incident
I no longer live in Clovis, but I have many friends and family still living in Curry County. I have been keeping up with county politics through them and the newspaper. I have been reading about the conflict Chet Spear raised about Matt Murray (“Sheriff should be willing to risk life,” May 10 CNJ).

What did Spear say that wasn’t true?

It was reported in the CNJ that in 1992 a drunken driver was speeding toward Clovis at more than 100 mph. Murray used his patrol car to put up a road block to protect the citizens of Clovis. Rather than risk his life, Murray moved his car, giving the drunk a clean run to Clovis.

Why didn’t he shoot and disable the drunk’s car? Why didn’t he use his patrol car to crash the drunk? Aren’t law enforcement officers instructed how to handle these scenarios?

The drunk continued into Clovis where his car crashed into another car, killing three children.

What everybody is ignoring is the fact that three kids were killed. Who did these kids and their families depend on to protect their lives? How do their families feel?

Those families depended on the police to protect them. Did that happen? When voters go to the polls, I hope they remember, but for the grace of God, those kids could have belonged to any of us.

Rick Clem
Wilson, Texas

Curry County needs progressive sheriff
Curry County needs a young and progressive sheriff. Doug Bowman will serve all the citizens of Curry County in a positive and professional manner.

I retired as the deputy chief of police in December 2004 after 35 years of continuous service. I have known both sheriff’s candidate Matt Murray and former police chief Raymond Mondragon for almost as many years. I helped both of them in molding their careers.

Mondragon was hired by the late Chief Nelson Worley and received a lot of his training and direction from Doug Bowman’s grandfather, the late Capt. Daryel Bowman, and other senior officers.

Murray was also hired by Worley and also worked for Daryl Bowman and received the same type of training.

Mondragon stated in his letter (“Curry County needs Murray for sheriff” in Thursday’s CNJ) there is no on-the-job training with Murray and undersheriff candidate Wesley Waller. Unless law enforcement has changed within the last 17 months, training is a continuous and on-going project. This career field changes every day.

We need young people. I fully support Doug Bowman for Curry Country Sheriff and will help and guide him if asked.

R.E “Bart” Bartosiewicz