Duncan wins probate judge seat

By Marlena Hartz: CNJ staff writer

When county officials declared Kevin Duncan the winner of the probate judge primary election, one thing was foremost on his mind — sleep.

Duncan garnered 1,469 votes, according to county tallies, which trickled in Wednesday morning, slowed by a hitch in counting absentee ballots. His opponent, Michael Wells, garnered 1,429 votes, just 40 less than Duncan.

“I feel good, but now I think everyone is just going to go to bed,” Duncan said from his home early Wednesday morning.

Duncan, 32, will run against fellow Clovis native and Democrat Gloria Wicker in November’s general election.

Wicker is a former railroad worker.

Duncan is a former mortician who served as a funeral director for Muffley Funeral Home for 14 years. He recently accepted a job with Curtis and Curtis Seed Co., and surrounded himself with a small group of friends to monitor the Tuesday election through the Internet.

Working part-time, probate judges transfer the property of the deceased, referring to either the deceased will’s or, in the absence of a will, in accordance with New Mexico’s laws of interstate succession.

They are required by state law to complete seven hours of continuing judicial education during each calendar year.