Paid advertisement, shameless propaganda

Letters to the Editor

I am writing this letter in response to a paid political advertisement paid for by Dian Forsythe (in last Sunday’s CNJ), which really was just a ridiculous jab at the law enforcement of Clovis and Curry County.

I realize this response comes after the election, but I trust the citizens of Curry County and Clovis took this so-called “paid political advertisement” for what it was worth … absolute nonsense.

On June 10, 2002, I made the phone call to Clovis Police Department when my neighbor and friend, Randall Forsythe, died. As unfortunate as the circumstances of this night were, I’m even more saddened by the fact that his family continues to make more out of this night than it was, a suicide.

To say that our law enforcement officials did not do their job and conduct a thorough investigation is absurd. They worked tirelessly that night to ensure that all aspects of that evening were covered, and that involved the processing of the evidence.

I just want to thank the officers who worked the scene that night. I appreciate all the measures they took to secure our street that night and I know working suicides must never be easy. I appreciate all that law enforcement does for our community.

Shelly Burger

AirExpo 2006 raised over $25,000

All those who helped in bringing AirExpo 2006 to Cannon Air Force Base deserve a standing ovation. It was a terrific show. From the static displays to the flying demonstrations, from the food to the souvenirs, everything was well-organized.

A show like this obviously doesn’t happen without much hard work and time-consuming planning. On the civilian side of things, one person has been the chief fund raiser since 1975. For the 1975 air show, Ken Huey and John Wuest raised $5,000 and since that time, Ken has continued single-handedly to raise the funds necessary for the civilian flying acts and the static displays. For the 2006 AirExpo, Ken was joined by Al Jolly in raising more than $25,000.

Thanks for all that hard work.

Don Farmer

Memorial Day service made veterans proud

To all the people at the Memorial Day service at the Logan Cemetery, I wish to thank you. And to American Legion Post 77 for the program — very good.

I am a World War II vet. I heard FDR’s speech at 2 p.m. on Dec. 7, 1941, a Sunday.

Again, thanks to all. There are Korean and Vietnam vets to be remembered as well as our troops today in Iraq.
I hope I am around this time next year.

Oscar Witt