July 18, 2006 Letters to the Editor

Killing prairie dogs illegal and senseless
Regarding the June 30 CNJ report on prairie dogs:
While the prairie dog is not on the endangered species list, the burrowing owl is, along with the black-footed ferret, both of which are protected by federal law. Prairie dog burrows provide homes for these and a variety of other species.
It was thought that most toxicants for prairie dog control had been removed from the market because of the hazards they presented to other wildlife and the environment. Several months ago, it was brought to my attention that the practice of poisoning and other horrible means of the senseless killing of prairie dogs was occurring at Ned Houk Park — the aftermath of which I personally observed — on property owned by churches, in new housing areas under development, at nursing homes and at other locations.
I am involved with a group of people who are trying to save the prairie dogs at Ned Houk Park.
Please, there is no need for this ghastly, illegal and senseless killing. There are people in Clovis, including myself, who are actively working to save the prairie dogs.

Patsy Baumgartner

Medicare problems could be our fault
I recently cut my finger and went to a hospital emergency room for treatment.
I received a tetanus shot and was treated for the cut. They cleaned it and taped it up.
The bill was ridiculous — $884.
Wake up, America.
Is it really any wonder Social Security and Medicare are going broke? Are we to blame because we just say, “Oh well, my insurance or my Medicare will pay.”
My finger has healed but my wallet is now ailing.

Fred Dixon