Inmates escape

CNJ Staff

Two inmates at the DeBaca County Detention Center escaped at 9:02 p.m. Friday after overpowering a detention officer, according to the New Mexico State Police.
The two were identified as Barry Wright, 23, and Cody Jessup, 19, according to Eric Archuleta, a dispatcher at the DeBaca County Regional Emergency Communications Center.

According to detention center records, Jessup, of Woodward, Okla., and Wright, of Higgins, Texas, were arrested Tuesday on charges of stolen property, stolen vehicle and stolen weapons. Wright also was charged with aggravated assault on an officer and felon in possession of firearms, the records showed.

According to New Mexico State Police officer Jimmy Butterfield, the two were in the same cell when they overpowered the detention officer.

They were wearing yellow prison pants at the time of their escape.

According to Butterfield, state police and all law enforcement agencies in the area were participating in road blocks Friday night.