Purpose found in following God’s pattern

By Judy Brandon: Local Columnist

When Susie and I were
growing up, Mother made our
clothes. Cloth World was our
favorite store. Simplicity and
McCall’s patterns were common
things around our house.

Mother would spread the
material out on the kitchen
table, lay the pattern over the
material, pin the pieces to the
material with straight pins
and cut the pieces out.

She would not take a step
toward sewing unless the pattern
was cut out properly and
in place. She had to follow
the pattern, or it all would be
a big mess.

What about this pattern for
our lives? We all at times contemplate
the great questions
of life. What is the pattern,
meaning and purpose of life?

Sometimes I have looked
back and wonder why I made
certain choices or why I went
into education. Sometimes I
have gone to great lengths in
a flurry of activity to try and
find my purpose.

I am not alone. For centuries
people have wondered
about the purpose of life.
Paul had some simple

answers to these questions
that seem so difficult. Paul
was in Athens, in the city
square, the gathering place of
the city where everyone met
to exchange ideas, tell news
and philosophize about life.

He walked the streets and saw
all the statues to gods on display,
gods to everything. This
troubled him a great deal.

Then he saw one statue to a
god with the inscription that
read: “To the unknown God.”
I suppose they were afraid
that they might miss a god
(Acts 17:16-32).

So Paul seized on that. He
yearned to tell the people of
Athens about Christ and his
experiences with the Lord. So
he got their attention, in this
city gathering place where
everyone exchanged ideas
and boldly began to preach
about the unknown God.

He told them that he recognized
that they were a religious
people because he had
walked around the city and
seen all their gods. But he
said he was there to tell them
about one god, the unknown
God. Paul told them that in
knowing this unknown God
they could find the pattern,
purpose and meaning of their

Paul told them that we have
our beginnings in God — we
are from his pattern. That
makes us have incredible
worth. The Bible says that he
knew from the foundations of
the Earth that we would be
here. Where did we come
from? We came from God.
Then Paul answered the

question about the meaning of
life. He said the meaning of
life is to follow the pattern
that God has set before us.
Paul says that we are here to
glorify God.

So what is the meaning of
life? It is to live in such a way
as to glorify the one who created

Then Paul answered another
question: Where are we
going? He told the crowd that
there will be judgment. There
is an eternity. Our purpose is
to live life and glorify God
and live forever in eternity
with him.

The dresses Mother made
for us always fit well. She
carefully followed the pattern
as best she could. As a result,
we were proud to wear them
because our mother had made

I know that life does not
always go that smoothly, but
there seems to be a parallel.
The source of our lives, the
pattern of our lives and the
purpose of our lives will be
known to us, and will be a
good fit if we know the one
who created us.

Judy Brandon is a Clovis
resident. Contact her at: