Schools crack down on fan behavior

CNJ Staff Photo: Andy DeLisle
Clovis High fans watch their volleyball team take on Monterey on Tuesday. The school has stiffened regulations in an effort to improve conduct for home football games.

By Marlena Hartz: CNJ staff writer

Penalties for student misbehavior at Clovis High School football games have stiffened, according to school officials.

Four additional police officers have been hired to monitor game behavior, according to Clovis Schools Athletic Director Brian Stacy. A student from any school who loiters or fights will be removed from the stadium, Stacy said.

In total, 10 officers will now monitor games, Stacy said. The athletic department will spend roughly $7,000 on beefed-up police services this football season, according to school officials.

Mostly, it’s students in grades five through nine who are stirring up trouble, Stacy said.

“What is happening is younger kids … are being dropped off at home football games and we are becoming a baby-sitting service,” Stacy said.

During Friday’s home game, a 31-13 win over La Cueva, three fights broke out between Clovis High students and students from a visiting school, Stacy said. No medical attention was sought as a result. But, the fights did urge Stacy to seek solutions, he said.

The athletic director informed Clovis students this week that misbehavior would result in being kicked out of the stadium.

“The kids that are showing up are not listening to any of the adults,” Stacy said.
When large groups of students congregate under the bleachers and in the corners of the stadium, problems usually ensue, Stacy said. In response, students are being asked to remain seated during games. Exceptions will be made for students who have a purpose for being unseated, such as using the restroom or buying food, officials said.

Clovis Schools Director of Community Relations David Briseno said the rules will benefit all game-goers.

“We want to maintain a positive atmosphere at the games,” Briseno said. “All the measures we taking are to try to ensure our fans and students can get the maximum enjoyment from participating in the event.”

The rules will be enforced beginning with the Wildcats’ Sept. 22 home game against Rio Rancho.