Letter to the Editor: Gasoline pricing strategy long outdated

I have waited much too long to comment on the price of gasoline, so here goes.

The 9/10 cent pricing practice was initiated at a time when a 1/10 cent saving per gallon of motor fuel represented a much larger portion of the total purchase price than is the case today.

The industry-wide and unchanging 9/10 cent pricing practice for a gallon of motor fuels should be considered price collusion and a deceptive marketing practice.

I would like to carry this one step more — all of these fuel sellers are treating us like we are fools. At first reading of the signs one will say, “Oh the price per gallon is $2.38,” when it is much closer to $2.39 because of the 9/10 cent pricing.

The first station in this area that drops the 9/10 will have my business from that point on.

John Frey

Railroad crossing in state of disrepair
Countless motorists including myself have to drive over a dangerous railroad crossing every day. The crossing is part of the State Highway 467 detour that is located on County Road O.

The crossing is in such disrepair one has to slowly crawl over the railroad crossing hoping to avoid damage to one’s vehicle. One has to cross over so slowly that I shudder to think what will happen when a fast-moving train approaches the crossing as a vehicle is slowly trying to cross.

I’ve observed vehicles crossing on the diagonal to avoid the deep ruts. A truck passed me the other morning because I was going too slow over the crossing. These are just a few instances of unsafe practices at this particular crossing.

It amazes me how the problem wasn’t addressed before the 467 detour route was begun.

I will continue to crawl across the track since I have to go to work using this route. How many others will have to endure this before something is done?

Rhonda Griego Roberts