Lights, camera, action

2nd Lt. Courtney Bullock

27th CMS Airmen put procedure to video for Air Force-wide viewing

Across the Air Force, Airmen are required to stay up to date on the latest procedures and techniques related to their jobs.
Soon, a new training video starring a group of Cannon Airmen will provide guidance and instruction on a new jet engine maintenance installation procedure that involves the low pressure turbine (LPT) of the GE F110-100 and GE F110-129 engines.
Traditionally, this part is installed using only a hoist and skilled technicians. Engineers at General Electric sought to modify this procedure to decrease the possibility of damage to the number four bearing

After months of diagramming, planning, and testing, GE sought an operational facility for the validation/verification testing of their new installation procedure. Cannon’s 27th Component Maintenance Squadron’s Propulsion Flight was selected by Air Combat Command for just that task.
Filming began Sept. 13 and continued through the following evening. The result was an installed LPT and enough footage for a comprehensive and informative training video.

Tech. Sgt. Jayde Ragains, Staff Sergeants Carlos Lucero and Eddie Flores, Airmen 1st Class Keith Deering and James Mendrop, and Airman Jamie Camp were members of the installation crew that enabled the testing of this new procedure.
As members of the installation crew, these Airmen were not only responsible for understanding and applying new technical data but were also looked to by the GE engineers to provide inputs for modifications to the procedure and technical data.
“These troops were instrumental in the success of this visit. Without their hard work and invaluable inputs a true understanding of the applicability of this new procedure would be impossible,” said Don McKenzie, GE aviation representative.
The DVD will be distributed throughout the GE and Air Force communities.