Office treasures

Debbie Spriggs keeps her workspace cheerful with Mickey Mouse items at the Curry County Courthouse. (Staff photo: Tony Bullocks)

By Tonya Fennell and Casey Peacock: Freedom Newspapers

The way people decorate their desk or office can reveal a lot about them. We asked several Curry and Roosevelt county workers to share with us their most prized office
• • •
The smiling face of Mickey Mouse covers Curry County Deputy Treasurer Debbie Spriggs’ desk. Spriggs, who has worked for the county for eight years, said she has collected items depicting the Disney character for 20 years. More than 10 items fill her office space — including a tape dispenser, thermometer and stuffed animals.

One of the unique character items she has is a six-pack of old-fashioned Coca-Cola bottles bearing Mickey’s face.

“I’ve always had a fascination with Mickey Mouse,” Spriggs said, “and one of these days I’m going to travel to Disney World in Orlando.”

Although the collector can’t choose a favorite, a Santa Claus hat festooned with mouse ears brings a smile to her face, she said.

— Tonya Fennell
• • •
Ronnie Tafoya has been an exclusive agent at Allstate Insurance for eight years, but his passion is sports. The Dallas Cowboys fan’s office features several framed photos of professional football players and a football signed by Emmitt Smith. The authenticated football sits safely enclosed in plastic.

I don’t know what it’s (signed football) worth,” Tafoya said, “but I’ll have to check it out sometime.”

A 1996 Super Bowl seat cushion is also displayed in the agent’s office.

“I actually attended the 1996 Super Bowl game,” Tafoya said. “The Cowboys beat the Steelers.”

— Tonya Fennell
• • •
In Roosevelt County Tax Assessor Royene Tivis’ office sits a barbed wire windmill.

“I really like windmills,” said Tivis.

The windmill was made by a family friend who is an art teacher and given to Tivis a few years ago, Tivis said. The windmill is made from barbed wire and horseshoe nails. It also has the family brand painted on it, she said.

Other treasures are displayed throughout her office, the biggest being a collection of lapel pins. She said she has collected the lapel pins for several years from states, cities, counties and various organizations.

— Casey Peacock
• • •
Carla Casaus plays softball when she isn’t working in the accounts payable department at the Clovis Municipal Schools main office. Her office pays homage to her love of the game.

A candy bowl in the shape of a softball sits on her desk, and her children’s pictures are encased in softball-themed frames. A glove and ball wind chime hangs on the wall.

Casaus, who pitches, plays first base and coaches, said her team is “pretty good.”

“I plan on bringing in a table to display some of my trophies,” she said.

— Tonya Fennell
• • •
Nestled among Farm Bureau Agent Lori Bohm’s desk treasures sits an intricately designed frame with the verse from Joshua 24:15.

“The picture frame was made and sent to me by my first secretary who worked with me when I started at Farm Bureau in 1984,” the Portales insurance agent said.

Given to her a couple of years ago, the picture frame has special meaning to her because her friend took the time to make it for her, said Bohm.

Other mementos in Bohm’s office include a teacup and saucer given to her by another friend and lots of pictures of her family. She also has a collection of Precious Moments figurines on her back desk.

— Casey Peacock
• • •
Proudly displayed on the desk of First Baptist Church youth minister Winston Berry is a memento given to him by three friends.

“It’s actually a letter opener based upon a knife used by the Sherpas in Nepal,” said Berry, whose friends brought it for him from Nepal after their return from a mission trip. He said he uses the letter opener every day.

“It’s really neat,” he said. “I keep it sitting on my desk.”

Among Berry’s other treasures are items that have been given to him from former students and children from his church. Other unusual mementos are crosses made from artillery shells by citizens of Liberia. These were also given to Berry by another friend upon return from a mission trip to Liberia, he said.

— Casey Peacock
• • •
Clovis High School Assistant Principal Tonya Adrian displays her appreciation of the arts by hanging posters of Broadway plays.

The framed poster of Reba McEntire starring in “Annie Get Your Gun” is one of Adrian’s favorites.

“My husband and I actually saw Reba (McEntire) in New York,” she said.

Adrian said the funniest play she has ever seen is “A Tuna Christmas.”

Other posters include ones for “Cats” and “Phantom of the Opera.” “I’ve seen all these plays,” she said pointing to the posters. “I love them.”

She said she hung the posters because her co-workers told her office space was ugly.

— Tonya Fennell
• • •
A tiny purple-haired troll doll sits front and center on Matthew Barela’s desk. A quick squeeze of the rubber doll’s stomach and a red party favor unrolls from the troll’s mouth. Barela, an employment representative at the New Mexico Department of Labor, said the doll was a gift from his daughter.

“She (daughter) gave it to me years ago,” Barela said. “She’s (daughter) 17 years old now.”

Other gifts from his daughter decorate the office space as well. Beside the miniature troll, a stuffed Chihuahua sits with a rose in his mouth, and a large drawing of an owl hangs on the wall.

“We are here (in the office) quite a long time,” Barela said, “so it (decorations) makes it feel more like home.”

— Tonya Fennell