Letters to the Editor: Police chief’s decision sound in dog case

I have been reading about the dog Melrose Police Chief Mike Trammell shot. The incident is under investigation by New Mexico State Police.

Living outside of Melrose at the 10-mile marker, I see stray animals all the time. My wife and I are animal lovers as well as owners. Three of our dogs were once strays. I won’t even tell you about the cats.

In the last two years, I have shot four sick or injured animals. They were either hit by cars or near death from starvation.

I have two reasons for shooting them — the expense of taking them on an 80-mile round trip to Clovis, and the Clovis dog pound charging me $6 for driving them there.

They will put them to death in three days if no one claims them.

I blame the Clovis dog pound for the strays in my area. People would much rather dump a dog in the country than take it to a pound that will kill their pet in three days.

Protecting the people of Melrose is what our chief, Mike Trammell, was hired for. What if the dog had been sick and bit one of our children? What then?

My point is this: There are a lot of stray dogs in and around Melrose. It’s hard to tell a sick one sometimes by looking at it from 50 feet, if you can even get that close. Just think what a family would have to go through if a sick dog bit a child.

I also am a motorcyclist and drive through Melrose all the time. One of the many dangers riding is a dog chasing me. It happens every day in Melrose as I ride through.

I say this: Good call, Chief Mike Trammell.

Albert Blais

Ethanol plant won’t be aesthetic addition
Regarding the building of a proposed new ethanol plant: I am not against construction, but I am against constructing the plant near residential areas in the city. The location should be more remote where it wouldn’t affect so many people.

I know that odors and pollutants have been mentioned as potential problems, but has anyone considered the noise that a plant would generate? There would have to be lots of lights to keep the plant working day and night. Also, the traffic would increase tremendously in an already-congested area.

A few weeks ago people were talking about the need to beautify the highway to Cannon Air Force Base and an ethanol plant is certainly no way to achieve that goal. I don’t know of a fence high enough to hide the plant.

I know every community needs all the industry it can find and I appreciate the need for ethanol. I just object to the proposed location of this plant and think a better site might be found.

Evelyn McClure