One size fits all

Beginning Oct. 13, computers at Cannon will all have the same look as the base and the Air Force begin to implement a Standard Desktop Configuration (SDC) system.

27th Fighter Wing Public Affairs Office staff report

Computer standardization on tap for Air Force, Cannon

Cannon will implement the Standard Desktop Configuration (SDC) beginning Oct. 13 to ensure continued PC and network security.
The change is part of an Air Force-wide move that will also standardize common software applications and promote interoperability throughout the service, said Kenneth Page, SDC implementation manager.
Mr. Page said the SDC will enhance cyber security by establishing uniform security settings, which will result in the faster application of security patches. Also, it will limit users’ abilities to change configuration settings that could inadvertently expose the network to vulnerabilities.
“Windows XP becomes the standard operating system and provides a core set of office automation tools that includes programs such as Office 2003, Internet Explorer, Acrobat Reader, ActiveCard Gold, ICS Viewer and Norton Antivirus,” Mr. Page said.
He said every PC will have the same look and feel and make information sharing less complicated.
The SDC will also allow the Air Force to quickly adopt next generation applications of Windows and Office soon after public release, bringing the latest IT tools to everyone’s fingertips.
Mr. Page said that for most users, the transitions to the SDC will be simple and straightforward. Many of the changes will be installed over the network at night. Some computers, however, will require new SDC software to replace what is currently being used.
Some older software applications may not initially function properly, file and network sharing will be restricted, the workstation’s configuration will be controlled and some users may not be able to access some Web sites. Also, the desktop appearance may change slightly, including the default homepage, background, icons and a new “unclassified” green banner across the top of the screen.
Nothing will be removed from the computers, only upgrades applied. Most of the differences will be noticeable in the first eight hours of use and can normally be resolved by Customer Support Administrators.
While there is the possibility of user data loss in transitions, users should backup their data to a CD before the change. Regular laptop users will see some changes in procedures.
Master Sgt. Suzanne Dubois, 27th Communications Squadron Network Operations Center section chief, said computer users who experience problems that impact their job performance should contact their Client Support Administrator or have the CSA contact the 27th CS Help Desk at 784-2666.