N.M. journalism looking for fresh faces

By Ned Cantwell: Syndicated Columnist

JIM BELSHAW, Albuquerque Journal columnist. Jim Belshaw would have us believe he writes to champion the cause of ordinary New Mexicans. But does he, or has this veteran newsman gone stale, thriving on his poker buddies, his connection to the Belshaw elites, noted authors and academics?

Jim Belshaw, writing for working stiffs or stiffing the ordinary folks? Perhaps it’s time for the real Mr. Belshaw to stand up.

Call Jim Belshaw, I-555-BALONEY, and ask him, “Jim, why did you start the war in Iraq?” Tell him, “Jim, New Mexico journalism is looking for a fresh face!”

(Paid for by a struggling New Mexico columnist who wishes to remain anonymous.)

JOE MONAHAN, political blogger. New Mexico politics with Joe Monahan. That’s what the commentator calls his Web site, but is there a Joe Monahan? Does New Mexico even know if this person exists or, maybe, is this site a front for some high-ranking New Mexican who maybe lives in the governor’s mansion?

Joe Monahan, living in the present but thinking in the past. Joe Monahan said a faltering campaign was “slip slidin’ away,” referencing a Paul Simon song of the way last century. Joe Monahan actually referred to print journalists as “ink stained wretches,” a phrase maybe not heard since the 1931 debut of “The Front Page.”
Joe Monahan, more hot air than the Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta.

Call Joe Monahan, 1-555-BLOGGER, and ask him, “Joe, just how old ARE you?” Tell him “Joe, New Mexico journalism is looking for a fresh face!”
(Paid for by a New Mexico columnist who doesn’t have a Web site and is just a little envious.)

LARRY CALLOWAY, once premier ink-stained wretch and prominent newsman whose weekly column was a must-read. Larry Calloway, the expert on the New Mexico Legislature and other matters political. Why has Larry Calloway disappeared into the gloomy subterranean passages of the Internet? What is Larry hiding?

Oh, but you can find him. Larrycalloway.com. He’s there all right. Same old Larry. Same old column. Bad for journalism, bad for New Mexico.

Call Larry Calloway, 1-555-SHADOWY, and ask him, “Larry, where did you hide the weapons of mass destruction?” Tell him, “Larry, New Mexico journalism is looking for a fresh face!”

(Paid for by a New Mexico journalist who once visited Santa Fe.)

STEVE TERRELL, Santa Fe New Mexican political reporter and musical columnist. Steve Terrell, singing out of tune? Here’s another newspaper guy with his own Web site. Good for journalism? You decide.

Steve Terrell would have us believe Gov. Bill Richardson, while a student at Tufts University, was almost impeached by his fraternity. He reports that as president of Delta Tau Delta, Richardson clamped down on marijuana use at the frat house and the fellows didn’t like it much. How would Steve Terrell know such a thing? Steve Terrell, investigative reporter or political kissy-kissy?

Call Steve Terrell, 1-555- REPORTS, and ask, “Steve, when did you first learn of the Page Scandal and who did you notify?” Tell him, “Steve, New Mexico journalism is looking for a fresh face!”

(Paid for by quarters filched from his grandkids’ piggy banks by you know who.)

NED CANTWELL, fresh face. Good for journalism. Good for New Mexico. And he approves these messages.