Woman accused of phone threats

CNJ Staff

A woman accused of harassing another Clovis woman included a police officer in a barrage of phone threats Tuesday, according to a police report.

Isabel Sanchez, a convenience store clerk, called police because she said a woman was calling and threatening her at work, the report said.

When the officer arrived, Sanchez, 28, waved at him to listen to an incoming call on the store phone.

The officer listened as the woman on the other end of the line threatened to “cut Sanchez’ throat and kill her.” The officer interrupted and identified himself as a police officer, according to the report, and the call ended.

In less than a minute, the officer noted the phone rang again and the woman on the other end told him “she didn’t care what happened” and that “she was going to kill (Sanchez),” the report said.

Though the officer told the woman to stop calling, she called back again and the officer hung up on her, taking the phone off the hook. The officer told Sanchez he would seek an arrest warrant for phone harassment, the report said.