Letters to the Editor: Job opportunity too good to be true

I continue to marvel at the incredible good fortune that is bestowed upon certain people in government.

Imagine if you can, having to announce your retirement (due to health and/or whatever other reasons). Then, as luck would have it, you fall right back into an almost-tailor-made-for-you job — seems too good to be true.

What good fortune! What a “surprise!”

I’m speaking, of course, of the former police chief who sadly announced his retirement one day only to find a position on the drug task force becoming open practically the next day — a job that is right up his alley. In fact, he only had to move his office stuff across the alley.

I wonder how many people applied for that job and for how long and where it was posted? Are the good old boys at work again giving Bill Carey another opportunity to try and excel?

Allan Farkas

Parade featurestoo many Santas
I was very glad to see all the citizens of Clovis and Curry County attending Saturday’s Christmas parade, braving the cold.

The lights and floats were great.

The only thing that bothered me was the number of Santas in the parade.
When I was young, they had a rule for the entries of the parade; there would be only one Santa in the parade.

Santa was at the end of the parade to signal the beginning of the Christmas season.
There were how many Santas in Saturday’s parade? Let’s go back to the tradition of one Santa in the parade.

Connie Gee

Draft would do youngsters good
Regarding the Nov. 24 editorial that compared conscription to slavery:

My husband served his country during the Vietnam period. He was drafted.

Should he and the other armed forces of this age sue somebody for being forced into slavery? Certainly not.

I believe if there was again a draft, there would be less crime from our youngsters. They would grow up to be better citizens because they had a proper path to follow and goals to achieve.

Katie Scott