‘Twas the night of a soldier’

By Destini Arguijo

Editor’s note: Destini Arguijo is a sixth-grader at Lockwood Elementary.

She wrote “Twas the Night of the Soldier” in response to a school assignment in which students were asked to write a poem.

“I have a cousin in the Navy,” Arguijo, 12, said. “I wanted to write
something for him.”

Twas the night before Christmas
And in our tiny town
Everything was so peaceful
As the snow drifted down

All over the globe
In lands far away
Soldiers always protecting
In temporary homes where they stay

As Santa came in
He stared in confusion
For he saw a United States Soldier
He thought he was an illusion

The soldier just sat there
In his room all alone
Santa saw that he was dreaming
Of his children at home

The soldier he turned
And saw Santa in tears
Now it’s he who is confused
At the sobs that he hears

Oh dear Santa
I do not know why
You’re looking at me
With tears in your eyes

For this is my life
The life that I chose
Not sure my kids understand
But that’s the way it goes

So Santa if you don’t mind
I want them to remember
Just why I had to leave them
Back in the month of September

Please take my dog tag necklace
Back to my baby girl
You’ll know exactly who she is
She likes to dance and twirl

And here’s my extra helmet
I know that my boy will like that
From what I see in pictures
He wears my old worn out hat

And if I could ask one more favor
When you deliver these
Please kiss my sweetheart on the cheek
And tell her it’s from me

As Santa got up to leave
To deliver this young man’s request
The soldier stood at attention
And told Santa that he had been blessed
It was Santa who fell down on both knees
And reverently began to pray
For this soldier who had reminded him
Why we celebrate Christmas day