Letters to the Editor: Individual disrespect for rules hurts others

I recently witnessed a disturbing incident outside a local store.
The father and son parked beside me had just finished putting their purchases in their car and the young boy (perhaps 10 or 12) took the shopping cart and gave it a great shove. It sped across the drive and into the parking spaces for cars.
I told the young man that wasn’t where the carts belong and he should put it in the proper area. His father promptly told me to mind my own business.
I feel this is my business. Time and again I pull in to park only to find a cart sitting in the space. I have come out of the store and found carts up against my car, leaving a ding. If we could all abide by the rules it would be a nicer world to live in.

Gladys Karna

Stranger’s honesty pays off in crunch
My wife was out running errands a few days ago when she had the misfortune to lose her bank card. She frantically looked everywhere for it, but it was definitely lost.
She then went to the bank to disable the card and maybe even close the account for a worst-case scenario. To her surprise, someone had just turned in her card to the bank. The individual did not leave a name, but had the good character to return it without selfish regard.
We’d like to thank this person. It is very heart warming to realize that in today’s society we still live in a community where character counts.

Danny and Jooli Duran

Clovis firefighters more than helpful
Recently we were traveling to our home in Plainview, Texas, and stopped to eat at a restaurant in Clovis. When we got back to our car, we found we had locked the keys inside.
I was upset because my medication was inside the car. I called the non-emergency number in the phone book and the dispatcher was nice and said the firefighters could unlock the door since my medication was inside.
The two firemen, Ben Black and John Boyd, were so kind and immediately set to work. In no time the door was opened and we were able to continue home.
These young men would take no money, only our thanks. They made a bad situation better.

Marsha Birdsong
Plainview, Texas