Sheriff voices departmental desires to commission

Compiled by Tonya Fennell: CNJ staff writer

Curry County Sheriff Matt Murray outlined his department’s wish list at Wednesday’s Curry County Commission meeting, which included two patrol units, personal safety equipment and salary increases.

Murray, who was elected sheriff in November and took office this month, said the department has 10 patrol units for 12 deputies.

“I want to put these deputies out (patrolling),” he said.

The existing patrol units have been used heavily, he said.

“Three or four of the patrol units have high mileage,” he said. “So, there is a desperate need to replace units.”

Murray estimated two units, including equipment, would cost $52,000.
Murray also requested bulletproof vests and sufficient firearms.

“We are in dire need of vests,” he said, “and there aren’t enough shotguns to go around.”

He also asked for $8,000 to be added to his budget for raises to promote two deputies to night supervisors. Murray said night supervisors are needed because it is hard for him to supervisor the department from home.

Curry County Commissioner Tim Ashley requested Murray review his budget and prepare a formal proposal that will be heard by the commissioners at a later date.
No action on Murray’s requests was taken by the commissioners.