Letters to the Editor: Warden deserves credit for jail successes

I think it is time the public has another viewpoint involving Curry County Detention Center. I have attended a majority of the County Commission meetings the past three years and, therefore, have been able to tour the Detention Center four times, the latest being Jan. 5.

The vast changes that have occurred since Warden Leslie Johnson has been in Clovis are tremendous. The facilities have been painted, it is clean and the only odors are of food being prepared that smells delicious.

There are classrooms where volunteers are offering courses to inmates. She has made a small library where books that have been donated can be checked out. There are also board games available.

Now I am sure there will be the usual naysayers proclaiming, “That is a place of punishment, not a playground.” But the inmates are now occupied and can be observed as being mostly busy instead of pacing around and destroying the facility.
She has, at my last count, placed 22 inmates in ankle bracelets who are now at home eating their own food and sleeping in their own beds being constantly monitored and have returned to work. These are non-violent inmates. This is saving the taxpayers $38 per day, not including what they pay for their own medical needs. This is a saving of $836 per day or more than $25,000 per month.

None of this was being done prior to her coming to Clovis.

There was the problem of an escaped inmate who wasn’t noticed for two days. The system for keeping track of prisoners has now changed.

Warden Johnson has only been here for 10 months and has accomplished much. Give credit where credit is due.

Gloria Wicker

Give public works employees a break
Regarding the Public Works Department’s handling of the recent storm: I think they did a fine job.

Those who complained about it need to think about the overtime the city would need to pay to clean all the side streets and the equipment it would take to do this. Also, what would it do to their taxes if we had all that equipment just sitting there to be used only every three to five years when we get a storm like the one we just had?

The city cleaned the main through streets as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Hurray for Harry Wang and his guys!

Bobby D. Light

Baskett achieves with help of role models

Regarding the Jan. 6 letter “Football star deserves hometown honor”:

I agree with the writer that there should be some kind of plan or celebration in the works to honor Clovis’ Hank Baskett, as the football season is about to end.

The young man has accomplished a great fete and is basking (no pun intended) in his glory now.

I am sure he knows how all of Clovis is proud of him and that we all love him.

I wouldn’t break out the anointing oil just yet. I saw Hank III at a local establishment with his proud parents and everyone wanted his autograph. I waved Hank Jr. (his dad) over and asked for his autograph.

I believe the folks that helped this young man make it deserve some credit.
All of his teachers, coaches and relatives deserve much credit, and I am sure Hank III agrees.

So before we start erecting signs, let’s take time to congratulate these role models that continue to serve our community.

I am particularly proud of Hank Baskett’s parents who continue to work with our disadvantaged kids in our community and strive to have them accomplish similar fetes.

Homer Pena